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Chapter 01 Group Project:
Getting Started with Adobe Illustrator

You attend a design school, and you’re part of a team that is responsible for the artwork placed throughout the common areas of the school. One of the most admired professors brings you a file that he created in Illustrator, admitting that he’s a beginner. Your team opens the file and notices that the file is poorly built— everything is misaligned and uneven. After consulting with the professor, your team decides that the file needs to be rebuilt from scratch.

  1. Open AI 1-5.ai, then save it as Rings.ai.
  2. Discuss with the group the areas of the file that are misaligned and poorly constructed.
  3. Assign one member the task of pulling apart the file, object by object, to see how the effect was achieved.
  4. Have the group create a “game plan” for reproducing the artwork with precision. Where’s the best place to start? What’s the best methodology for recreating the professor’s design?
  5. Have a group discussion about the art itself. If the professor is open to new ideas, how would the group suggest that the design could be improved?
  6. Have one member work on the original Illustrator file.
  7. Work as a group to rebuild the file, using precise methods.
  8. Save your work, then compare your illustration to the image below.
  9. Close the Rings document.

chapter 1 group project


Source: "Adobe Illustrator CS3 Revealed" by Chris Botello

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