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Chapter 01 Project Builder 1:
Getting Started with Adobe Illustrator

The lady who owns the breakfast shop that you frequent knows that you are a designer and asks for your help. Her nephew has designed a sign for her store window, but she confides in you that she doesn’t like it. She thinks that it’s “boring” and “flat.” She wants to redesign the sign with something that is “original” and feels “more like a starburst.”

  1. Open AI 1-3.ai, then save it as Window Sign.ai.
  2. Click the Direct Selection Tool, then click the edge of the star.
  3. Move two of the outer anchor points of the star farther from its center.
  4. Move four of the inner points toward the center.
  5. Select the entire star.
  6. Reflect a copy of the star across the horizontal axis.
  7. Fill the new star with an orange swatch and reposition it to your liking.
  8. Group the two stars.
  9. Copy the group, then paste in back.
  10. Fill the copies with black.
  11. Using your arrow keys, move the black copies five points to the right and five points down.
  12. Select only the orange star using the Direct Selection Tool.
  13. Copy the orange star, then paste in back.
  14. Fill the new copy with black.
  15. Rotate the black copy 8°.
  16. Apply a yellow fill to the orange star, then apply a 1-point black stroke to both yellow stars.
  17. Save your work, then compare your illustration to the image below.
  18. Close Window Sign.

chapter 1 proj builder 1


Source: "Adobe Illustrator CS3 Revealed" by Chris Botello

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