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Chapter 01 Project Builder 2:
Getting Started with Adobe Illustrator

Iris Vision Labs has contracted with your design firm to bid on a design for their logo. Researching the company, you learn that they are a biotech firm whose mission is to develop cures for genetic blindness and vision problems. You decide to build your design around the idea of an iris.

  1. Create a new document that is 6" × 6".
  2. Save the document as Iris Vision Design.ai.
  3. Create an ellipse that is 1" wide × 4" in height, and position it at the center of the artboard.
  4. Fill the ellipse with [None], and add a 1-point blue stroke.
  5. Create a copy of the ellipse rotated at 15°.
  6. Apply the Transform Again command 10 times.
  7. Select all and group the ellipses.
  8. Create a copy of the group rotated at 5°.
  9. Apply a red stroke to the new group.
  10. Transform again.
  11. Apply a bright blue stroke to the new group.
  12. Select all.
  13. Rotate a copy of the ellipses 2.5°.
  14. Create a circle that is 2" × 2".
  15. Fill the circle with a shade of gray.
  16. Remove the stroke from the circle.
  17. Position the gray-filled circle in the center of the ellipses.
  18. Cut the circle.
  19. Select all.
  20. Paste in back.
  21. Save your work, then compare your illustration to the image below.
  22. Close Iris Vision Design.

chapter 1 proj builder 2


Source: "Adobe Illustrator CS3 Revealed" by Chris Botello

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