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Chapter 02 Design Project:
Creating Text and Graphics

You work in the marketing department of a major movie studio, where you design movie posters and newspaper campaigns. You are respected for your proficiency with typography. Your boss asks you to come up with a “teaser” campaign for the movie Vanishing Point, a spy thriller. The campaign will run on billboards in 10 major cities and will feature only the movie title, nothing else.

  1. Create a new 6" × 6" CMYK Color document, then save it as Vanish.
  2. Type VANISHING POINT, using 100 pt and a bold font. (Hint : The font used in the image below is Impact.)
  3. Change the horizontal scale to 55%.
  4. Convert the text to outlines.
  5. In the Swatches panel, click the Linear Gradient 1 gradient.
  6. Drag the Gradient Tool from the exact bottom to the exact top of the letters.
  7. Copy the letters, then paste them in front.
  8. Fill the copied letters in front with white.
  9. Using your arrow keys, move the white letters 2 pts to the left and 8 pts up.
  10. Save your work, then compare your text with the image below.
  11. Close Vanish.

chapter 2 design project


Source: "Adobe Illustrator CS3 Revealed" by Chris Botello

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