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Chapter 02 Project Builder 1:
Creating Text and Graphics

An eccentric California real-estate mogul hires your design firm to “create an identity” for La Mirage, his development of high-tech executive condominiums in Palm Springs. Since he’s curious about what you’ll come up with on your own, the only creative direction he’ll give you is to tell you that the concept is “a desert oasis.”

  1. Create a new 6" × 6" CMYK Color document, then save it as Desert Oasis.
  2. Using a bold font and 80 pt for a font size, type LA MIRAGE in all capitals. (Hint: The font shown in the figure below is Impact.)
  3. Change the horizontal scale to 80%.
  4. Change the baseline shift to 0.
  5. Apply a -100 kerning value between the two words.
  6. Convert the text to outlines, then click the Linear Gradient 1 gradient in the Swatches panel.
  7. Using the Color panel, change the first color stop to 66M/100Y/10K (Hint: Press and hold [Alt] when creating the new color.)
  8. Create an intermediary color stop that is 25M/100Y.
  9. Position the intermediary color stop at 70% on the slider.
  10. Save the gradient in the Swatches panel, and name it Desert Sun.
  11. Drag the Gradient Tool from the exact top to the exact bottom of the text.
  12. Create a rectangle around the text and fill it with the Desert Sun gradient.
  13. Drag the Gradient Tool from the bottom to the top of the rectangle.
  14. Send the rectangle to the back of the stack.
  15. Apply a 1-point black stroke to LA MIRAGE.
  16. Type the tagline: a desert oasis in 14 pt lowercase letters.
  17. Apply a tracking value of 500 or more to the tagline, then convert it to outlines.
  18. Save your work, then close Desert Oasis.

chapter 2 proj builder 1


Source: "Adobe Illustrator CS3 Revealed" by Chris Botello

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