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Chapter 02 Project Builder 2:
Creating Text and Graphics

Your friend owns Loon’s Balloons. She
stops by your studio with a display ad that
she’s put together for a local magazine
and asks if you can make all the elements
work together better. Her only direction
is that the balloon must remain pink, the
same color as her logo.

  1. Open AI 2-4.ai, then save it as Balloons.
  2. Save the pink fill on the balloon to the
    Swatches panel, and name it Hot Pink.
  3. Fill the balloon shape with the White,
    Black Radial gradient from the Swatches
  4. Change the black stop on the Gradient Slider
    to Hot Pink.
  5. Using the Gradient Tool, change the highlight
    point on the balloon shape so that it is
    no longer centered in the balloon shape.
  6. Copy the balloon, then paste it in front.
  7. Click the Selection Tool on the block of text
    that says “specializing in etc.”, then cut
    the text.
  8. Click the top balloon with the Selection Tool,
    then switch to the Area Type Tool.
  9. Click the top edge of the top balloon, then
  10. Center the text and apply a -4 baseline shift.
  11. Adjust the layout of the text as necessary.
    (Hint : You can force a line of text to the next
    line by clicking before the first word in the
    line you want to move, then pressing
  12. Move the headline LOON’S BALLOONS so
    that each word is on a different side of the
    balloon string.
  13. Apply a 320 kerning value between the
    two words.
  14. Save your work, compare your screen to
    the figure below, then close Balloons.

chapter 2 proj builder 2


Source: "Adobe Illustrator CS3 Revealed" by Chris Botello

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