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Chapter 03 Design Project:
Drawing and Composing an Illustration

Your design firm is contacted by a company called Stratagem with a request for a proposal. They manufacture molds for plastic products. The terms of the request are as follows: You are to submit a design for the shape of the bottle for a new dishwashing liquid. You are to submit a single image that shows a black line defining the shape. The line art should also include the nozzle. The size of the bottle is immaterial. The design is to be “sophisticated, so as to be in visual harmony with the modern home kitchen.” The name of the product is “Sleek.”

  1. Hunt the web for images of bottles of dishwashing liquid whose shape you find interesting. You could start here.
  2. Use the images for ideas and inspiration.
  3. Sketch your idea for the bottle’s shape on a piece of paper.
  4. Scan the sketch and save it as a TIFF file. (I can do this for you at my desk - Mrs. Pedersen.)
  5. Create a new Illustrator document, then save it as Sleek Design.
  6. Place the scan in the document, then lock it.
  7. Trace your sketch, using the Pen Tool.
  8. When you are done tracing, delete the sketch from the document.
  9. Tweak the line to define the shape to your specifications.
  10. Use the Average dialog box to align points to perfect the shape.
  11. Save your work, compare your illustration to the image below, then close Sleek Design.

chapter 2 design project


Source: "Adobe Illustrator CS3 Revealed" by Chris Botello

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