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Chapter 03 Project Builder 2:
Drawing and Composing an Illustration

Bostonchefs.com, your client of three years, contacts you with bad news. They have accidentally deleted their Illustrator “chef logo” from the backup server. They need the vector graphic to produce many of their materials. Their first designer has all the original files, but he has retired to a small island in the Caribbean and cannot be contacted. They want to know if there’s anything you can do to recreate the vector graphic.

  1. Go to www.bostonchefs.com.
  2. Right-click the logo of the chef, click Save Picture As, then save it in your Chapter 3 folder, keeping the same name.
  3. Create a new 6" × 6" CMYK Color document, then save it as Boston chefs.
  4. Place the chef logo file into the document and lock it.
  5. Zoom in on the chef logo so that you are at a comfortable view for tracing. (Hint: Use the Zoom Tool to create a selection box around the logo.)
  6. Set your fill color to [None] and your stroke to 1 pt red.
  7. Use the Ellipse Tool to trace the head.
  8. Use the Pen Tool to trace the hat and the perimeter of the body.
  9. Trace the two triangles that define the chef’s inner arms.
  10. Unlock the placed image and cut it from the document.
  11. Fill the head, the hat, and the body with White.
  12. Fill the triangles with a shade of blue.
  13. Remove the strokes from the objects.
  14. Create a rectangle that encompasses the chef objects, then fill it with the same shade of blue.
  15. Send the rectangle to the back of the stacking order.
  16. Save your work, compare your illustration to the image below, then close Boston chefs.

chapter 2 proj builder 2


Source: "Adobe Illustrator CS3 Revealed" by Chris Botello

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