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Chapter 04 Design Project:
Transforming and Distorting Objects

You are a fabric designer for a line of men's clothing. The line is known for its conservative patterns and styles. You are asked to supervise a team that will design new patterns for men's ties. You will present your recommended new patterns using Illustrator.

  1. Create a new CMYK Color document and name it New Tie.
  2. Create a square, rotate it 45°, then reshape it using the Direct Selection Tool by dragging the top anchor point straight up to create the shape of a tie.
  3. Use a square and the Subtract from shape area button to square off the top ot the diamond.
  4. Draw a second polygon to represent the tie's knot.
  5. Lock the two polygons.
  6. Create a small circle, then copy it using the Move dialog box to create a polka dot pattern that exceeds the perimeter of both polygons.
  7. Unlock the polygons, then bring them to the front.
  8. Create a compound path out of the two polygons.
  9. Select all, then use the polygons to mask the polka-dot pattern.
  10. Apply a fill to the mask, save your work, compare your image to the one below, then close the New Tie document.

design project


Source: "Adobe Illustrator CS3 Revealed" by Chris Botello

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