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Chapter 04 Group Project:
Transforming and Distorting Objects

You are the design department manager for a toy company, and your team's next project will be to design a dartboard that will be part of a package of "Safe Games" for kids. The target market is boys and girls ages six to adult. Your team will design only the board, not the darts.

  1. Create a new CMYK Color document and name it Dartboard.
  2. Have part of the group search the Internet for pictures of dartboards.
  3. Have two members research the sport of throwing darts. What are the official dimensions of a dartboard? Is there an official design? Are there official colors?
  4. The other team members should discuss which colors should be used tor the board, keeping in mind that the sales department plans to position it as a toy for both girls and boys.
  5. The team should also discuss whether they will use alternate colors even if the research team learns the official colors for a dartboard.
  6. Using the skills you learned in this chapter. work together to design a dartboard, using the image below as a guide.
  7. Save your work, compare your image to the one below, then close Dartboard.

group project


Source: "Adobe Illustrator CS3 Revealed" by Chris Botello

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