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Chapter 04 Project Builder 2:
Transforming and Distorting Objects

You're contracted to design the logo for Wired Gifts, an online gift site. Your concept is of a geometric red bow. You feel that your idea will simultaneously convey the concepts of gifts and technology.

  1. Open AI 4-18.ai, then save it as Wired.
  2. Switch to Outline mode.
  3. Select the small square, click the Rotate Tool, press and hold [Alt], then click the center of the large square.
  4. Type 15 in the Angle text box, then click Copy.
  5. Repeat the transformation 22 times.
  6. Delete the large square at the center.
  7. Switch to Preview mode.
  8. Select all. Then fill all the squares with Caribbean Blue.
  9. Apply the Divide pathfinder to the selection.
  10. Fill the objects with the Red Bow gradient.
  11. Delete the object in the center of the bow. (Hint: Use the Direct Selection Tool to select the object.)
  12. Select all, then remove the black stroke from the objects.
  13. Save your work, compare your illustration with the one below, then close Wired.

project builder 2


Source: "Adobe Illustrator CS3 Revealed" by Chris Botello

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