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Chapter 04 Skills Review:
Transforming and Distorting Objects

A) Transform Objects

  1. Open AI 4-15.ai, then save it as Transform Skills.
  2. Select "DIVIDE."
  3. Scale the text objects non-uniformly:
    Horizontal = 110%
    Vertical = 120%
  4. Rotate the text objects 7°.
  5. Shear the text objects 25° on the horizontal axis.
  6. Save your work.

B) Offset and outline paths

  1. Ungroup the text outlines.
  2. Using the Offset Path command, offset each
    letter -.05".
  3. Save your work.

C) Work with the Pathfinder panel

  1. Select all.
  2. Apply the Divide pathfinder.
  3. Fill the divided elements with different colors, using the Direct Selection Tool.
  4. Select all, then apply a 2-point white stroke.
    The image below is an example of the effect. (Hint: Enlarge the view of your document window, if necessary.)
  5. Save your work, compare your image to the image below, then close the Transform Skills

review 1

D) Create compound paths

  1. Open AI 4-16.ai, then save it as
  2. Select all, then click the Exclude overlapping
    shape areas
  3. Deselect, then click the center of the small
    square with the Direct Selection Tool.
  4. Rotate a copy at the small square 45°.
  5. Save your work, compare your image to
    the one below, then close the Compounded

review 2


Source: "Adobe Illustrator CS3 Revealed" by Chris Botello

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