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Blending Flowers

Learn how to create stylish vector/line flowers with Illustrator's Blend Tool. Then use these techniques to create a "wallpaper" for your computer desktop.


Part 1: Tutorial

Complete the "Stylish Vector Flower" tutorial from ndesign-studio.com

HINT: Illustrator likes to add to the previous line segment when you start a new object with a point right on top of an earlier one. However, you need two separate lines to be separate objects for this blending technique to work. In order to prevent Illustrator from continuing the first object when you start the second line, do the following:

  1. Select the first completed line segment.
  2. Ctrl+2 to lock the object.
  3. Draw your second line segment.
  4. Alt+Ctrl+2 to unlock all.
  5. Select both objects in order to make the blend between them.




Part 2: Wallpaper

  1. Start with a file that is 1280px wide by 1024px wide.
  2. Save the file as LastnameFirstinitial Flowers.ai.
  3. Use these drawing and blend techniques to create all kinds, sizes and colors of flowers. Design something that look different from the example below.
  4. Overlap multiple flowers and create a contrasting colored background. This one has a gradient to create depth.
  5. Turn in LastnameFirstinitial Flowers.ai.



To use the wallpaper on your own screen:

  1. File > Save for Web & Devices
  2. Preset: GIF 128 Dithered
  3. Save the .gif file in My Documents
  4. Open My Documents
  5. Right-click on the .gif file and choose Set as Desktop Background


Source: "Stylish Vector Flower" tutorial from ndesign-studio.com

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