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Quiz #4

Illustrator CS3 Revealed
Chapter 01
Due: September 23


  1. Vector graphics are often a good choice for designing logos.
  2. Before you can move or modify an Illustrator object, you must identify it by selecting it with a selection tool, menu item, or command key.
  3. If you were creating graphics for the Web, your best choice for Document Color Mode would be CMYK.
  4. When you create graphics in Adobe Illustrator, you are creating bitmap graphics.
  5. Vector graphics consists of anchor points and line segments.
  6. If you apply an 8 pt. stroke to an object, the stroke is always rendered with 4pts. inside and 4pts. outside the object.
  7. Use the Flip Tool to “flip” an object over an imaginary axis.
  8. Bitmap graphics are an excellent choice for working with type and typography.
  9. To apply a fill or a stroke to an object, you must first activate the appropriate button.
  10. When moving an object, pressing and holding [Shift] constrains the movement to either the horizontal or the vertical axis only.

Multiple Choice

  1. Computer graphics that are created using lines and fills defined by mathematical equations are called what?
    1. vector graphics
    2. bitmap graphics
    3. resolution dependent
    4. polygon graphics
  2. The choices for Document Color Mode are ____.
    1. RGB or CMYK
    2. RGB or CMYK or HSB
    3. RGB or CMYK or HSB or Web Safe
    4. Trick Question - RGB is the only choice
  3. The two choices for page orientation are ____.
    1. Portrait or Picture
    2. Horizontal or Vertical
    3. Letter or Legal
    4. Portrait or Landscape
  4. If a menu item requires you to enter information into a dialog box, it is followed by a(n) ____.
    1. ampersand
    2. period
    3. ellipsis
    4. black triangle
  5. Clicking the Selection Tool on an object that is part of a group selects ____.
    1. only the object clicked on
    2. all the objects in the group
    3. all the objects on the artboard
    4. only objects with the same fill
  6. If you click the Direct Selection Tool on the center of a filled object ______.
    1. the entire object is selected
    2. the anchor points appear hollow
    3. only the center point is selected
    4. nothing will be selected
  7. ____ a transform tool to open the tool’s dialog box.
    1. Double-click
    2. Click
    3. Right-click
    4. Hover over
  8. The commands for showing, hiding and locking guides can all be found under which menu in the menu bar?
    1. File
    2. Edit
    3. Object
    4. View
  9. The command to turn Smart Guides on and off can be found under which menu in the menu bar?
    1. File
    2. Edit
    3. Object
    4. View
  10. A pica is how many points?
    1. 6
    2. 12
    3. 24
    4. 72


  1. The view mode that shows artwork only with lines—no fills or strokes—is called ____________________.


  1. The figure above shows a reflection across the ____________________ axis.
  2. The ____________________ mode shows your work complete with the colors and styles you used.
  3. The ____________________ command allows you to see the entire artboard.
  4. ____________________ is the leading software application for working with bitmap graphics.


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