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Quiz #5

Illustrator CS3 Revealed
Chapter 02


  1. You can create text anywhere on the artboard.
  2. If the preference that allows you to select text by clicking anywhere on the text is turned off, the only way to select text is by clicking on its baseline.
  3. A single word can be both tracked and kerned.
  4. Positive tracking or kerning values move text characters closer together.
  5. Tracking inserts uniform spaces between characters to affect the width of selected words or entire blocks of text.
  6. A positive value for the distance of the text’s baseline in relation to the path moves the text below the path.
  7. Press [Ctrl] to toggle between a type tool and the selection tool.
  8. It is impossible to create a document with text but without fonts.
  9. If you plan to scale type, you should change its font size in the Character panel, if necessary, before converting to outlines.
  10. Once text is flowed onto a path, only its typeface and type size can be modified.
  11. Text can be flipped across a path by dragging the center bracket of the text across the path.
  12. A linear gradient can be positioned from left to right, top to bottom, or on any angle.
  13. When you convert text to outlines and apply a gradient fill, the gradient automatically fills each letter independently.

Multiple Choice

  1. For ____ gradients, where you begin dragging and where you end dragging determine the length of the blend from starting to ending color.
    1. linear
    2. radial
    3. graded
    4. both a and b
  2. Text generated by the Type Tool is positioned on a path called what?
    1. text path
    2. baseline
    3. stroke line
    4. type index
  3. When text is flowed into an object, which alignment often is the best solution?
    1. left
    2. right
    3. center
    4. justified
  4. When you click a type tool cursor on text, then apply the Select All command, ____.
    1. all the text in the single text object is selected
    2. all the text objects on the page are selected
    3. the text and the object that contains the text are both selected
    4. all of the objects on the artboard are selected
  5. When text is flowed on a path, which feature of the Character panel allows you to increase or decrease the distance of the text from the path?
    1. vertical scale
    2. baseline shift
    3. the Offset Path command
    4. none of the above
  6. Text is flipped across a path by doing what?
    1. Dragging the center bracket straight up
    2. Double-clicking the Reflect Tool
    3. Double-clicking the Rotate Tool
    4. Dragging the starting bracket down
  7. Text created with the Type Tool can be filled with which type of gradient?
    1. linear only
    2. radial only
    3. linear and radial
    4. text cannot be filled with a gradient
  8. Hidden ____ allow you to work on an object without the distraction of the points and paths.
    1. borders
    2. edges
    3. boxes
    4. shapes
  9. In a radial gradient, the starting color appears where?
    1. at the center of the gradient
    2. at the outside edge of the gradient
    3. halfway between the center and the edge of the gradient
    4. it depends on how the Gradient Tool is applied
  10. Mark’s design team has taken on a number of projects that involve display text and gradients. Mark considers typography to be a fine art, and he thinks that gradients are often a very effective component of good Illustrator design, so he is excited to take this opportunity to put his team through typography and gradient boot camp.

    Mark knows that his designers aren’t programmers, but he feels it’s important that a designer has some amount of understanding of how a program works. He tells his team that, working in Illustrator, if they wanted to create a linear gradient but couldn’t use any of the  gradient tools, they could create the gradient with which of the following ________.
    1. stroked lines
    2. filled rectangles
    3. both a and b


  1. The Hide Selection command and the Show All command are both under the ____________________ menu on the menu bar.
  2. The command to show the Character panel is under the ____________________ menu on the menu bar.


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