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Graphic Design Quizzes and Tests

Quiz #7

Illustrator CS3 Revealed
Chapter 04
Due: December 3


  1. Changing an object's size is an example of a transformation.
  2. Using the Free Transform Tool, you drag handles to scale, rotate and shear a selected object.
  3. The Divide pathfinder is the opposite of the Subtract one.
  4. With a given transform tool selected in the Tools panel, clicking anywhere on the artboard will open the tool's dialog box.
  5. Click a transform tool, press [Alt], then click the artboard - where you click will be the point of origin for the transformation and the tool's dialog box opens.
  6. If you move an object, applying the Transform Again command will move the object again.
  7. The Outline Stroke command is useful for making concentric circles.
  8. Like a compound path, a compound shape is two or more paths that are combined in such a way the holes appear wherever paths overlap.
  9. Compound paths can be used to create complex, eye-catching graphics.
  10. In a compound shape, the topmost object affects all of the objects behind it.

Multiple Choice

  1. Reflect Tool comes in handy when trying to draw what kind of objects?
    1. symmetrical objects
    2. compound paths
    3. concentric squares
    4. none of the above
  2. Why is Outline mode especially useful for rotations?
    1. because objects are transparent
    2. because strokes are not visible
    3. because fills are not visible
    4. because center points are visible
  3. You can use the Free Transform Tool to do which of the following?
    1. scale an object from any point of origin
    2. rotate a copy of an object
    3. perform a non-uniform scale
    4. all of the above
  4. The ____ button on the Pathfinder panel creates a single, merged object from the area where two or more objects overlap.
    1. Intersect shape area
    2. Subtract from shape area
    3. Add to shape area
    4. Minus Back
  5. Which of the following letters would be an example of a compound path?
    1. E
    2. G
    3. P
    4. U
  6. When two objects are made into a compound path, a hole appears where?
    1. in the center of the front object
    2. in the center of the back object
    3. where the two objects overlap
    4. in the areas where the objects aren't overlapping
  7. Which command "uncompounds" a path, returning it to its component objects?
    1. Uncompound Path
    2. Remove Compound Path
    3. Delete Compound Path
    4. none of the above
  8. If you want to use multiple objects as a clipping mask, you must first
    1. group them
    2. unite them with the Add pathfinder
    3. make them into a compound path
    4. send them to the back of the stacking order

Case Based Critical Thinking

Now that his team has been using Illustrator regularly and getting comfortable with the software, Mark is excited to work with them on some of the more interesting features and to share with them some of his special techniques.

  1. One of Mark’s designers draws a diamond shape, fills it with yellow, then applies a 12 point black stroke. She becomes frustrated though, when she realizes that she can’t apply a gradient to a stroke. Which of the following is her best option?
    1. Use the Create Outlines command
    2. Use the Offset Path command
    3. Use the Outline Stroke Command
    4. Give up - there’s no way to create the effect.
  2. Mark draws a red heart shaped object on the art board. He then creates a gold star that is larger than the heart object and positions the star over the heart. He selects both then applies the Intersect pathfinder. What does he now see on the art board?
    1. a red heart
    2. a gold heart
    3. a red star
    4. a gold star

Short Answer

  1. Identify the pathfinder or shape mode numbered 4 in the figure in the green sidebar to the left.
  2. Identify the pathfinder or shape mode numbered 6 in the figure.
  3. To transform multiple selected objects individually, apply which command?
  4. What distinguishes applying a pathfinder from applying a shape mode?
  5. Give your best definition of what a clipping mask is and what it does.


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