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To see the word contrast in hundreds of possible fonts, try this:

  • Go to fonts.com.
  • Locate a font you want and go to its detail page.
  • Click on the Try Font tab.
  • Type the word contrast into the text box and press Enter.
  • You can change the font size and foreground and background colors as well.
  • Do NOT trace up against the monitor screen. Copy the letterforms free-hand to the best of your ability.
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Project #06

Contrast Poster
Due: September 5


Using our art supplies, make a poster that illustrates contrast. Non-digital.


  • Use white 9" x 12" paper as the foundation for your design.
  • Design it in landscape format: with the 12" edge going left-to-right and the 9" edge going top-to-bottom.
  • You can use any of the available materials to complete your ad: markers, colored pencils, crayons, rulers, compasses, colored paper, scissors, glue. Do not cut pictures from magazines.
  • Start your design in pencil so you can make adjustments before you finalize your design.
  • Design your poster with the following elements:
    • The word "contrast" should appear three times in three very different styles of lettering.
    • Each time, the letters in the word "contrast" should be at least two inches high.
    • Restrict your color selection to three very different (contrasting) colors plus the white of the paper. Using only three colors will unify your poster.
    • Put a contrasting background rectangle behind the word "contrast" at least once.
    • Thick "bubble" letterforms will work best for this. Do your best to create outlines for the letters and fill them in, rather than writing the word "contrast" with simple handwriting.


  • Make it neatly. Use a ruler. Take your time.


Here is an example with red, black and yellow, along with the white of the page:

contrast poster example


The best six to nine posters will be displayed on the wall throughout the year.


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