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This quiz is open-book. Review the syllabus here.


Quiz 01

On a sheet of paper, write the numbers 1-10 down the left side. Then write the answer that goes on the blank line for each number. If there are more than one blanks, separate your answers with a comma. You do not need to write out the whole sentence.

  1. There is a $__ lab fee for the graphic design class. There is a $__ lab fee for the Web design class.
  2. The Web address for the class Web site is _____________________.
  3. One of the course objectives is to learn to work ________________ within a design team.
  4. "Professional Conduct" means _______ behavior and counts for ___ of my grade.
  5. Participation in the class Web site Forum is worth __ percent of my grade.
  6. Late or incomplete work can be turned in during the same ____________ for a _________ score.
  7. If you receive a low grade on an assignment, you will have _______ chance(s) to revise it for an improved grade. There will not be redos on ____________.
  8. I often schedule open labs after school at ____________ request.
  9. The design room rules are: don’t prevent me from ____________; don’t prevent others from ___________; be __________; keep things ___________.
  10. If you cheat in my class there is an extremely good chance that I will __________ you at it.
  11. ______________ is a form of cheating in which a student directly copies words or unique ideas from other sources.
  12. Computers in this lab are for ________ _______ ________ _________ _________ .
  13. Students earn free time on the computers by maintaining a __________ grade and keeping up in __________.
  14. If you fail to respect the computer policy, you will lose your __________ to a computer for that day.
  15. You are tardy if you are not seated in your ____________ __________ when the tardy bell rings.
  16. Any prejudicial or derogatory conversations or language will be __________ immediately.
  17. Cell phones are ____________ allowed in any classroom at NHS.
  18. Don’t use MP3 players during ___________ or ___________ _____________.
  19. You must have your ___________ ___________ in order to have my permission to leave the classroom during class for the restroom, health office, or other reason.
  20. Not okay: beverages in cups, cans or cartons without a _____________; Messy foods – especially _____________!

Put your name and period at the top, and turn your answers in to the assignment inbox on the bookcase.


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