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Chapter A Group Project:
Getting Started with Dreamweaver

Due: September 26


Work with a group to come up with a plan for a Web site that the group will create entirely on its own, without any predesigned files. The focus of the Web site can be on any topic, organization, sports team, club, or company that you would like. Each group may have up to four students.


Depending on the size of your group, you can assign individual elements of the project to group members, or work collectively to create the finished product.

You will build on this Web site from chapter to chapter, so you must do each Group Project assignment in each chapter to complete your Web site.

  1. Brainstorm
    Decide among your members what type of Web site you would like to create. It can be a personal Web site about you, or a business Web site that promotes a fictitious or real company, or an informational Web site that provides information about a topic, cause, or organization. Decide on a Web site name.
  2. Research
    With the whole group participating, write a list of at least 5 questions and answers about the Web site you have decided to create (see a sample on page A-15). Assign team members questions and have them report back to the group with answers.
  3. Plan
    Construct a storyboard for your Web site to include at least four pages. The storyboard should include the home page with at least three child pages under it. Assign a team member the task of creating the storyboard.
  4. Structure
    Assign a team member the task of creating a root folder and an assets folder to house the Web site assets, then set it as the default location for images. Export the site definition as a .ste file.
  5. Build
    Create a blank page named index.htm as a placeholder for the home page, then set it as the home page. Create blank .htm pages for your other three pages.
  6. Gather
    Assign team members to collect content, such as pictures or text to use in your Web site. You can use a digital camera to take photos, scan pictures, or create your own graphics using a program such as Photoshop. Gather the content in a fodler you create called "workdesk" inside your root folder.

Turn in your Work

Day One: Group Plan

  1. Names of team members
  2. Topic & name of web site
  3. List of 5 questions with answers
  4. Storyboard

Day Two: Root Folder, including:

  1. "Assets" folder
  2. Site definition created and exported as a .ste file
  3. "Index.htm", which has been set as the home page
  4. 3 additional "______.htm" pages
  5. "Workdesk" folder: a collection of images and text for placement on the web pages


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