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Chapter A Project Builder 1:
Getting Started with Dreamweaver

You have been hired to create a Web site for a river expedition company named Rapids Transit, located on the Buffalo River in Arkansas. In addition to renting canoes, kayaks, and rafts, they have a country store and a snack bar. If requested, river guides are available to accompany clients on float trips. The clients range from high school and college students to families to vacationing professionals. The owner, Mike Andrew, has requested a dynamic Web site that conveys the beauty of the Ozark Mountains and the Buffalo River.

  1. Using the information in the paragraph above, create a storyboard for this Web site on a sheet of paper (see page A-16 for an example storyboard.) You may do this in Word instead of on paper, and call the file "storyboard.doc". Include the home page ("index.htm") with links to three child pages named "guides.htm", "rentals.htm", and 'store.htm".
  2. Create a folder named "lastnamefirstinitial rapids" in your Home folder.
  3. Start Dreamweaver, then create a Web site with the name "Rapids Transit".
  4. Create an "assets" folder and set it as the default location for images.
  5. Open "dwa_5.htm" from the Chapter A folder, then save it in the rapids root folder as "index.htm".
  6. Save the "rapids.jpg" file in the assets folder.
  7. Set "index.htm" as the home page.
  8. Create three additional pages for the site, and name them as follows: "guides.htm", "rentals.htm", and "store.htm". Use your storyboard and the image below as a guide (click for a larger image).
  9. Refresh the Files panel.
  10. View the site map for the Web site.


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