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Chapter A Project Builder 2:
Getting Started with Dreamweaver

Your company has been selected to design a Web site for Jacob's, a new upscale restaurant in London that caters to business executives and theatre patrons. Jacob's has an extensive menu featuring French cuisine that includes set dinners and pre- and post-theatre dinner specials. They also like to feature some of their more popular recipes on their Web site. The chef, Jacob Richard, is famous in London for his creative cuisine and innovative culinary events.

  1. Create a storyboard for this Web site that includes a home page and child pages named "directions.htm", "menus.htm", and "recipes.htm".
  2. Create a folder for the Web site in your home folder, then name it "lastnamefirstinitial jacobs".
  3. Create a Web site with the name Jacob's.
  4. Create an "assets" folder for the Web site and set the "assets" folder as the default location for images.
  5. Open "dwa_6.htm" from the Chapter A folder, then save it as "index.htm" in the jacobs folder.
  6. Save the "jacobs.jpg" file in the "assets" folder.
  7. Set "index.htm" as the home page.
  8. Using the image below and your storyboard as guides, create the additional pages shown for the Web site.
  9. View the site map that displays page titles.


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