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Chapter A Skills Review:
Getting Started with Dreamweaver


A) Explore the Dreamweaver workspace.

  1. Start Dreamweaver.
  2. Create a new HTML document
  3. Change the view to Code view.
  4. Change the view to Code and Design views.
  5. Change the view to Design view.
  6. Expand the Application panel group.
  7. View each panel in the Application panel group.
  8. Collapse the Application panel group.
  9. Close the page without saving it

B) View a Web page and use Help.

  1. Open dwa_3.htm from the Chapter A folder.
  2. Locate the following page elements: a table, a banner, a graphic, and some formatted text
  3. Change the view to Code view.
  4. Change the view to Design view.
  5. Use the Dreamweaver Help feature to search for information on panel groups.
  6. Display and read one of fhe topics you find.
  7. Close the Help window.
  8. Close the page without saving it.

C) Plan and define a Web site.

  1. Select the drive and folder where you will store your Web site files using Windows Explorer.
  2. Create a new root folder called "lastnamefirstinitial blooms".
  3. Close Windows Explorer, then activate the Dreamweaver window.
  4. Create a new site called Blooms & Bulbs.
  5. Specify the blooms folder as the Local root folder.
  6. Verify that the Refresh local file list automatically and the Enable cache check boxes are both selected.
  7. Use the Remote Info category in the Site Definition dialog box to set up Web server access (specify None.)
  8. Click OK to close the Site Definition dialog box, then click Done.

D) Add a folder and pages and set the home page.

  1. Create a new folder in the blooms root folder called "assets".
  2. Edit the site to set the "assets" folder as the detault location tor the Web site graphics.
  3. Open "dwa_4.htm" from the folder where your Data Files are stored, then save this file in the blooms root folder as "index.htm".
  4. Set "index.htm" as the home page.
  5. Select the Blooms & Bulbs banner on the page.
  6. Use the Property inspector to browse for "blooms.gif", then save it in the "assets" folder of the Blooms & Bulbs Web site.
  7. Create three new pages in the Files panel, and name them: "plants.htm", "workshops.htm", and "tips.htm".
  8. Refresh the view to list the new files alphabetically.

E) Create and view a site map.

  1. Use the Site Map Layout dialog box to verify that the "index.htm" file is shown as the home page.
  2. Select Map view in the Files panel.
  3. View the expanded site map for the Web site.
  4. Show the page titles.
  5. Compare your screen to the picture below (click for an enlarged view.)
  6. Collapse the site map, return to Local view, save your work, then close "index.htm".

chapter A review


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