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Chapter B Project Builder 1:
Developing a Web Page

You have been hired to create a Web site for a river expedition company named Rapids Transit, located on the Buffalo River in Arkansas. You have created the basic framework for the Web site and are now ready to format and edit the home page to improve the content and appearance.

  1. Open the Rapids Transit Web site, then open the home page.
  2. Enter the tollowing keywords: river, rafting, Buffalo, Arkansas, Gilbert, kayak, canoe, and float.
  3. Enter the following description: Rapids Transit is a river expedition company located on the Buffalo River in Gilbert, Arkansas.
  4. Change the page title to Rapids Transit Buffalo River Expeditions.
  5. Create a centered navigation bar below the Rapids Transit logo with the following text links: Home, Our Guides, Equipment Rentals, and Country Store. Place hyphens between each text link.
  6. Apply the Heading 4 style to the text links and apply the Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif font combination.
  7. Type the following address two lines below the paragraph about the company, using line breaks after each line:
    Rapids Transit
    Hwy 65
    Gilbert, AR 72601
    (555) 365-5369
  8. Insert an e-mail link in the line below the telephone number, using Mike Andrew for the Text text box and mailbox@rapidstransit.com for the E-mail text box in the Email Link dialog box.
  9. Italicize the address, phone number, and e-mail link and format it to size 2, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif.
  10. Link the navigation bar entries to index.htm, guides.htm, rentals.htm, and store.htm.
  11. Delete the horizontal rule.
  12. View the HTML code for the page.
  13. View the page using two different window sizes, then test the links in your browser window.
  14. View the site map.
  15. Create the following page titles:
    guides.htm = Meet Our Guides
    rentals.htm = Equipment Rentals
    store.htm = Our Country Store
  16. Verify that all the page titles are entered correctly.
  17. Preview the page in your browser, then test all the links.
  18. Compare your page to the image below (click for a larger image), close the browser, save your work, then close all open pages.


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