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Chapter B Project Builder 2:
Developing a Web Page

Your company has been selected to design a Web site for Jacob's, a new upscale restaurant in London catering to business executives and theatre patrons. You are now ready to add content to the home page and apply formatting options to improve the page appearance, using the image below as a guide (click for a larger image).

  1. Open the Jacob's Web site, then open the home page.
  2. Add the following sentence to the end of the paragraph: Dinner is served from 5:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. with our signature desserts and bar service until 1:00 a.m. Tuesday through Saturday.
  3. Add a navigation bar under the banner and above the paragraph that contains the following entries: Home - Menus - Favorite Recipes - Directions and Hours.
  4. Center the navigation bar and apply a Heading 4 format.
  5. Add the following 3 lines of text below the paragraph about the restaurant, using line breaks atter each line:
    For reservations: please call
    +44 (0)20 0000 0000
    or e·mail reservations
  6. Delete the word reservations after "or e-mail", then use the Email Link dialog box to insert an e-mail link using mailbox@jacobs.com for the e-mail address and reservations as the text.
  7. Right-align the three lines of text that contain the reservation information.
  8. Apply the Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif font to all text on the page.
  9. Format the reservation information to size 2.
  10. Create links from each navigation bar element to its corresponding Web page.
  11. Replace the date that follows the text Last updated with a date object, then save your work.
  12. View the completed page in your default browser, then test each link.
  13. Close your browser.
  14. View the site map, then rename any untitled pages with appropriate titles.
  15. Save your work, then close all pages.


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