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Chapter C Design Project:
Working with Text and Graphics

For this project, respond on a sheet of paper or in a Word file. We'll go through the first one together.

  1. Go to the Library of Congress Web site.
    1. Where are serif fonts used on the home page?
    2. Where are sans-serif fonts used on the home page?
    3. Are the same fonts used consistently on the other pages in the Web site?
    4. Do you see ordered or unordered lists on any pages in the Web site? If so, where and how are they used?
    5. Use View >Page Source to view the source code. Then use Edit > Find to look for the word font. Is the old-fashioned <font> tag is used to format the fonts?
    6. Do you see the use of Cascading Style Sheets in the source code? You would see a <link> tag or a <style> tag in the page head.
  2. Go to the Ohio History Teachers Web site. Answer questions a - f for this site.
  3. Go to alistapart.com. This is a Web site just for Web designers. Answer questions a - f for this site.
  4. Find a fourth Web site. Tell me the Web address and answer questions a - f.

Library of Congress

Ohio History Teachers



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