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Chapter C Group Project:
Working with Text and Graphics



In this assignment, you continue to work on the group Web site that you started in Chapter A.

Very Important: You will now split your group up into partners. A group of three will only be allowed once per group, and only if the original number of group members was odd. For example, a group of seven students will make two sets of partners and one group of three.


You will continue building your Web site by designing and completing a page that contains a list, headings, body text, graphics, and a background. During this process, you will develop a style sheet and add several styles to it. You will insert appropriate graphics on your page and enhance them for maximum effect. You will also check for Non-Websafe colors and remove any that you find.


Assign individual elements of the project to group members, or work collectively to create the finished product.

You will build on this Web site from chapter to chapter, so you must do each Group Project assignment in each chapter to complete your Web site.

  1. Brainstorm
    Consult your storyboard and brainstorm as a group to decide which page to create and develop for this chapter (not the home page).
  2. Design
    As a team, plan the page content for the page and make a sketch of the layout on a sheet of white paper. Your sketch should include at least one ordered or unordered list, appropriate headings, body text, several graphics, and a background. Your sketch should also show where the body text and headings should be placed on the page and what styles should be used for each type of text. You should plan on creating at least two styles. Write on this sketch the names of your team members.
  3. Build
    Assign a team member the task of creating this page and adding the text content to it.
  4. Build
    Assign a team member the task of creating a Cascading Style Sheet for the Web site and adding to it the styles you decided to use. Assign the same team member the task of applying the styles to the appropriate content.
  5. Build
    Access the graphics you gathered in Chapter A and assign a team member the task of placing the graphics on the page so that the page matches the sketch you created in Step 2. This team member should also add a background image and appropriate alternate text for each graphic.
  6. Test
    As a team, preview the new page in a browser, then check for page layout problems and broken links. Make any necessary fixes in Dreamweaver, then preview the page again in a browser. Repeat this process until the group is satisfied wifh the way the page looks in the browser.
  7. Turn In
    Turn your sketch into the physical Inbox. Turn your Web site folder into the server Inbox.




sktech of behaviors page

The new Behaviors page at awesomedungbeetles.com:


The CSS style sheet (click for a larger image):

CSS style sheet


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