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Chapter D Design Project:
Working with Links

Grace Keiko is a talented young watercolor artist who specializes in botanical works. She wants to develop a Web site to advertise her work, but isn't sure what she would like to include in a Web site, or how to tie the pages together. She decides to spend several hours looking at other artists' Web sites to help her get started.

  1. Review the following Web sites:
    1. Alex Fong
    2. Sandra Principe
    3. Corey Okada
    4. Mick Sheldon
    Spend some time looking at these artist Web sites to familiarize yourself with the types of content that each contains.
  2. On a sheet of paper, answer the following questions:
    1. STRUCTURE: What categories of page content would you include on your Web site if you were Grace? Identify at least four plus the home page.
    2. EXTERNAL LINKS: What external links would you consider including? Describe how you would place external links on the pages, and list examples of ones you would use.
    3. NAVIGATION BAR: Would you use text or graphics for your navigation bar? Would you include rollover effects on the navigation bar elements? If so, describe how they might look.
    4. NAMED ANCHORS: How could you incorporate named anchors on any of the pages?
  3. On the back of your paper:
    1. Sketch a Web site storyboard for Grace, including the four pages that you would use as links from the home page.
    2. Sketch the home page for Grace.
  4. Refer to your Web site sketch. Name your Web site folder lastnamefirstinitial chapDdesign. Then create a home page for Grace that includes:
    1. a navigation bar (text or graphics) with a link to home plus four other pages
    2. a short introductory paragraph about her art
    3. at least two external links
    4. at least one image (in an assets folder)

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