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Chapter D Group Project:
Working with Links



In this assignment, you will continue to work on the group Web site that you started in Chapter A and developed in Chapters B and C. You can assign individual elements of the project to group members, or work collectively to create the finished product.


You will continue building your Web site by designing and completing a page with a navigation bar. After creating the navigation bar, you will copy it to each completed page in the Web site. In addition to the navigation bar, you will add several external links and several internal links to other pages as well as to named anchors. You will also link Flash text to a named anchor. After you complete this work, you will check for broken links and orphaned files.


  1. Brainstorm
    Consult your storyboard and brainstorm as a team to decide which page or pages you would like to develop in this chapter. Decide how to design and where to place the navigation bar, named anchors, Flash text, and any additional page elements you decide to use. Decide which reports should be run on the Web site to check for accuracy.
  2. Research
    Assign everyone on the team the task of researching Web sites that could be included on one or more of your pages as external links of interest to your viewers. Reconvene as a group to discuss your findings, then create a list of the external links you want to use. Using your storyboard as a guide, decide as agroup where each external link should be placed in the site.
  3. Build
    Assign a team member the task of adding external links to existing pages or creating any additional pages that contain external links.
  4. Build
    Assign a team member the task of creating named anchors for key locations on the page, such as the top of the page, then linking appropriate text on the page to them.
  5. Build
    Insert at least one Flash text object that links to either a named anchor or an internal link.
  6. Brainstorm
    Brainstorm as a team to decide on a design for a navigation bar that will be used on all pages of the Web site.
  7. Design
    Assign a team member the task of creating the graphics that will be used for the navigation bar.
  8. Design
    Assign a team member the task of creating the navigation bar and copying it to all finished pages on the Web site.
  9. Test
    Assign a team member the task of using the Link Checker panel to check for broken links and orphaned files.
  10. Turn In
    Turn your Web site folder into the server Inbox.



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