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Chapter D Project Builder 1:
Working with Links

Use the image below as a guide to continue your work on the Rapids Transit Web site that you began in Project Builder 1 in Chapter A. Mike Andrew, the owner, has asked you to create a new page for the Web site that lists helpful links for his customers. Also, because he no longer wants Equipment Rentals as an element in the navigation bar, he asked you to replace the existing navigation bar with a new one that contains the following elements: Home, Before You Go, Our Guides, and Country Store.

  1. Create Up and Down button images for each of the following navigational links:
    1. Home
    2. Before You Go
    3. Our Guides
    4. Country Store
  2. Open the Rapids Transit Web site.
  3. Open dwd_3.htm from the chapter_d Data Files folder, then save it as before.htm in the Rapids Transit Web site root folder.
  4. Save the buffalo_fall.gif file on the page in the assets folder at the Rapids Transit Web site, then set the path for the banner to the assets folder.
  5. Create the following links:
    • Buffalo National River:
    • Arkansas, the Natural State:
    • Map of the Buffalo National River:


  1. Design a navigation bar using the button graphics you created, then place it on each completed page of the Web site. The navigation bar should contain the following elements: Home, Before You Go, Our Guides, and Country Store.
  2. Save each page, then check for broken links and orphaned files. You should see one orphaned file, rentals.htm, which has no links to other pages yet. You will link this page to the country store page later.
  3. Test all links in your browser, close your browser, then close all open pages.

project builder 1

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