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While each Web site must be unique, I highly recommend that you share your ideas and encouragement with another student.

Web Design Assignments

Final Project

Autobiographical Web Site

A 3-page Web site about you.


  1. LAYOUT. The arrangement of text and images on each page should be attractive and well organized.
  2. NAVIGATION. Each page links to each of the others. The navigation must be visible without scrolling, and located in the same place on every page.
  3. CONSISTENCY. All pages are consistent in layout: navigation, content, logo, etc. are always in the same place on the page.
  4. TEXT. The text is large enough to read and contrasts strongly with the background color. Each page must have at least one heading (e.g. <h1>) and at least one paragraph of text. The heading and text must all be styled in CSS. All pages must tell readers something about YOU.
  5. IMAGES. Each page much contain at least one unique image. You do not need to include photos of yourself but this is allowed. Each page contains no more than 100Kb in images, and no image is wider than 800px.
  6. TITLES. Each page must have a logical <title> element that identifies both the Web site and the topic of the page.
  7. VALIDATION. Each page must validate as at least HTML 4.01. The CSS must validate as well.

Validate HTML/XHTML: http://validator.w3.org
Validate CSS: http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/


Getting Started

  1. Create a folder called
  2. Your home page must be called index.html.
  3. Name your other Web pages whatever you like, being sure to end the file name in ".html" (no spaces in file names).
  4. Complete the coding of the Web site according to the Requirements listed above.
  5. Save and test the pages frequently as you work.


Page Ideas

Each page must tell us something about YOU. Here are some page ideas:

  • A brief introduction/bio page (good for the home page)
  • My Family
  • My Friends
  • My Opinions on __________
  • My Favorite Music (or Movies, Books, TV Show, etc.)
  • My Sports
  • My Fashion
  • My Hobby(ies)
  • My Future Plans
  • My Artwork/Design Work
  • My Favorite Class(es)
  • My Pets (or Favorite Animals)
  • My Poetry (or Short Stories, Essays, etc.)
  • My Favorite Possession(s)
  • What's Important in Life

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