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Midterm 3-Page Web Site

This project is an individual project, not group. Design a 3-page Web site on your own, on a topic of your choice.



  • Identify a topic of interest to you for which you can create a 3-page Web site (more pages is okay).
  • Research this topic and collect/create images and text to put on the site.
  • Create an original design.
  • You may build it with tables or layers, but layers are most modern method for Web design.
  • Name your site folder lastnamefirstinitial_midterm.
  • Include an assets folder and keep your image files in it.
  • Create an external style sheet, attach it to each page, and create at least five styles in it which are used somewhere on your site. The styles can be a variety of the following:
    • classes for inline styles
    • redefined HTML tags
    • styles for the placement and styling of layers.
  • Each page should have a consistent look and arrangement. Each page should have the same navigation bar in the same location.
  • Each page must have at least one unique image and one unique paragraph of text.


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