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Flyer Redesign

Starting with a typical flyer design (a real one I found on my front porch), use the principles of proximity and alignment to redesign the flyer in Microsoft Word.



  • Right-click the MS Word file and save it to your desktop: design_project4_flyer-redo.doc. (If the computer asks whether to save over an earlier version of the file, say yes.)
  • Open the file in MS Word.
  • Identify the problems: speling, formatting, proximity, alignment.
  • Follow these steps in Word to redesign the flyer:
    1. Align all text to the left.
    2. Fix the spelling errors. Spell out Saturday, Sunday and August.
    3. Replace all-caps words with upper- and lower-case words.
    4. Separate the parts of a phone number with - (a dash) or . (a period).
    5. Use the Enter key or format the paragraphs so that alike things have proximity.
    6. Adjust font sizes to emphazise key concepts.
    7. Any other ideas for improvement? Ask me how and I can probably show you.
  • Save the file (Office button > Save, or Ctrl-S).
  • Show me the completed flyer on your screen in order to get credit.
  • Close MS Word.
  • Delete the file from the desktop.


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