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You must turn in Part 1 to get credit for Part 2.

You must turn in Part 2 to get get credit for Part 3.

Web Design Projects

Redesign a Web Site for Usability

You will redesign a Web site for an existing company or organization, making it more usable and attractive. You must evaluate, plan and redesign at least three pages that contain important information about the company.

You must turn in Part 1 to get credit for Part 2, and you must turn in Part 2 to get get credit for Part 3.


Part 1 - Locate & Evaluate

Locate a company Web site that is badly in need of updating or redesign. You can find one at webpagesthatsuck.com or on your own. Create an evaluation of the site’s current usability and propose improvements.

  1. Read Evaluating Web Sites: Usability.
  2. Review my evaluation of bookentertainers.com.
  3. Complete the evaluation checklist and make recommendations.


Part 2 - Plan

Create a storyboard and sketch.

  1. Draw a storyboard for your proposed Web site. Include pages which should exist but you may not be designing for this project. The site structure may need to change to improve usability; this is your judgment call.
  2. Draw a sketch of the new home page you plan to design for the site. Include where navigation, headings, body text, and images will go, along with any other features.


Part 3 - Build

Redesign the home page and two other key pages. Each of these pages must contain important information about the company/organization. You may use the images and text (verbatim) from the original site. You may also rewrite the text and/or create new images which are appropriate for the site.


  • Create a folder call lastnamefirstinitial final1 .
  • Name your home page file index.htm.
  • Create at least two other .htm files.
  • Save your images in an assets folder.
  • To save you time day-to-day, remember to export your site definition (.ste) file and save it in your Web site folder.


  • Your redesign must meet all of the usability requirements listed on the evaluation checklist.
  • Each page must contain both text and images.
  • All images must have alt text.
  • All pages must have appropriate titles.
  • All pages must link to each other.


Extra Credit

  • Create an appropriate graphic heading for the top of the pages instead of text.
  • Create an appropriate graphical navigation bar with up/down colors.
  • Create a style sheet for the pages. Attach the style sheet to all three pages. Create and employ at least two styles on each page.
  • Create an ordered or unordered list.


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