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Quiz #5

Dreamweaver Chapter B
Due: October 14


  1. The head content contains information used by search engines to help viewers find your Web site.
  2. White space is always white.
  3. You can create your own keyboard shortcuts in Dreamweaver.
  4. Times New Roman is a sans-serif font.
  5. Text can be turned into a link by using the Property inpector.
  6. An asterisk (*) after the filename in the title bar indicates that you have altered the page since you last saved it.
  7. The Word Wrap feature in the Code Inspector allows text to flow out to the right beyond the edge of the window.
  8. Comments are not visible in browser windows.
  9. Once you test a page and make a correction, you don't need to test it again.
  10. You cannot use the Window Size options if your document window is maximized.

Multiple Choice

  1. The following are examples of meta tags:
    1. font and size
    2. description and hyperlink
    3. keywords and description
    4. keywords and style
  2. You can change the background color by choosing:
    1. Edit > Background Color
    2. Site > Colors
    3. View > Background
    4. Modify > Page Properites
  3. The keyboard shortcut for Save is:
    1. Ctrl-S
    2. Shift-S
    3. Alt-S
    4. S
  4. You can format the following in the Property Inspector:
    1. Whether text is a heading or a paragraph.
    2. Text size and font.
    3. Text alignment.
    4. All of the above.
  5. Which of the following file names is formatted correctly for the Web?
    1. Bob's Cookies.htm
    2. bobscookies.htm
    3. bob$cookies.htm
    4. 1cookieforbob.htm
  6. The following is a serif font:
    1. Georgia
    2. Arial
    3. Helvetica
    4. Verdana
  7. You can use the History penal to do the following:
    1. Undo and redo steps.
    2. Consolidate a group of tasks into a single command.
    3. View steps performed in the Files panel.
    4. A and B
  8. A line used to separate page elements is called a(n):
    1. page line
    2. horizontal rule
    3. separator
    4. ruler bar
  9. If you have a blank page on your site that you cannot finish yet, but it is linked from other pages, the appropriate thing to do is:
    1. provide enough information to make visiting the page worthwhile.
    2. insert a cute animated gif with a hard hat or construction tools.
    3. insert the text "Under Construction".
    4. delete the page, leaving a broken link from elsewhere.
  10. If most of your visitors will be viewing your Web site on a 1024x768 monitor, the ideal Web page size to design is:
    1. 760x420
    2. 795x470
    3. 955x600
    4. 600x300


  1. It is very important to have a strong __________ between the text color and the background color.
  2. When you identify the color blue as "#0000FF", you are giving its ___________ value.
  3. When you press Shift-Enter, you create a ______________ on the page. (2 words)
  4. An area on the Web page that contains links to other pages within the site is called a ____________ bar.
  5. You can create rollovers and interactive forms by using a _______________ function.

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