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Quiz #07

Dreamweaver Chapter D
Due: December 4


  1. External links are links to pages in the same Web site.
  2. A target is the location on a Web page that a browser displays when an internal link is clicked.
  3. You can use spaces in the text for a named anchor.
  4. A state is the condition of the element in relation to the mouse pointer.
  5. The Check Links Sitewide feature is a helpful tool for managing your internal links.

Multiple Choice

  1. An absolute path is:
    1. a path that links text to a position on the same page.
    2. a path that links one page to another in the same Web site.
    3. a path used for external links which includes the complete address of the desitination page, including http://.
    4. a path for external links which starts with www.
  2. URL stands for:
    1. Universal Readable Link.
    2. Uniform Resource Locator.
    3. Uniform Rate Link.
    4. Universal Routing Location.
  3. A named anchor is:
    1. a piece of code within a page which you can link to from above or below on the same page.
    2. a link to an external Web site.
    3. where you put the title of the page.
    4. a boat anchor you keep as a pet.
  4. Flash image files have the following file extension:
    1. .gif
    2. .jpg
    3. .bmp
    4. .swf
  5. The following state occurs when you position the mouse on top of a graphical element on a navigation bar:
    1. Up
    2. Over
    3. Down
    4. Over while down
  6. External links can break when the following occurs:
    1. A Web page/site changes locations.
    2. A Web site goes down due to technical difficulties.
    3. An Internet connection fails to work properly.
    4. All of the above.



  1. You should design your navigation structure so that viewers are never more than __________ clicks away from the page they are seeking.
  2. The quickest way to link text to a named anchor elsewhere on the page is to use the _________ icon in the Property Inspector.
  3. When modifying a navigation bar, click the __________________ button to let visitors know what page they are currently on.
  4. Files that are not linked to any pages in the Web site are called ________________.


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